Prince Allen Language School

A unique childcare provider for 0-6 year olds

Prince Allen Language School is located at the foot of Mount Ymittos in beautiful countryside with fine views of the mountain. It features a purpose-built neoclassical building of fine architecture that stands in the middle of 7,000 square metres of enclosed landscaped gardens and play areas.

The Nursery prides itself on a homely atmosphere, providing a safe and stimulating environment for children of different age groups to learn and play.

At Prince Allen Language School we are committed to helping your child grow and develop at his or her own pace in preparation for the years to come.

Choosing a nursery is a big decision and one that comes at a very emotional time. Here at Prince Allen Language School, we understand what is important to both parents and children, and our aim is to provide the perfect solution to any parent looking for childcare for their little one. Your child will have fun-filled days of activities to help them learn and make lots of little friends.

So whether you are looking to return to work, moving area or whether you just want your child to have the best opportunities in their life, come to Prince Allen Language School and see how we can help!

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