Benefits for Parents

At Prince Allen, we understand that leaving your child in someone else’s care is a big decision and can be a stressful, even upsetting experience for you and your child. This is where we step in to ensure that the experience is both pleasant and beneficial for everyone involved!

You are given every opportunity to talk to us about your child and we will be delighted to discuss their progress, needs and development. Good communication with the parents is vital, as it affords us the opportunity to make detailed comments on your child and answer all your questions.
Gently and lovingly, your child will be introduced into the world of other people and learn to live with them in harmony, by giving and taking love and attention, as well as getting respect and showing respect. In other words, he will learn the basics of socializing and sharing their world with others. In real teams this means that he will learn to join in activities ungrudgingly, gladly share toys and staff with the other children, express his needs with the minimum fuss, screaming or stomping up and down.

This way, your child will learn social skills and good manners- which is exactly what every parents aspires for their offspring. And will do all that for you with unlimited patience, love and dedication. In short, Prince Allen will be second home to your child-literally. It is the motherly and fatherly eye that constantly watches over your child throughout their stay at Prince Allen. And you see the wonder of your child through our eyes.

Trusting others is difficult to do, and justifiably, too. But when you look into the eyes of your child as you pick them up at Prince Allen in the afternoon, you know that you need search no more.


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