How to Choose The Right Language School

Choosing a language school is a very personal decision. As mums and dads you will have any number of considerations such as the size of the nursery, whether it is an old or new building, the location and if the opening hours suit their needs. However, the determining factor is the happiness of your child – and so make sure they feel comfortable and the environment suits them.

There are a few basic dos and don’ts that parents should consider:

  1. DO think about the age of your child and their personality. What kind of nursery will suit them best?
  2. DO visit more than one language school and make comparisons. And take your child along!
  3. DO check costs, rules and hours.
  4. DON’T leave it until the last minute. You need plenty of time to select the right childcare.

Looking around the nursery is absolutely critical and so it makes good sense to contact the nursery for an appointment and not be pressed for time.

At this stage of selection, ask lots of questions and have a really good look around. Think about:

  1. Will the nursery environment suit my child?
  2. Are the children having fun?
  3. Are the children stimulated and interacting well?
  4. Do the staff speak to the children appropriately?
  5. Are the staff attentive and friendly?
  6. Is there evidence on the walls around the nursery of the children’s activities?
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