Pre-School Daily Routines

7.00-9.00am Welcome & Early Morning Free Play

Children are welcomed by staff and are served their breakfast.
Children have access to resources of their choice and are invited to choose their free play activities.
The following activities are available for the children to experience:

Stories, Painting, Outdoor Play, Treasure Hunt, Dancing, Singing, Floor Toys & Board Games, Musical Toys.
9.00-12.30pm Structured Learning Activities- Morning Session

The key overall development areas are:
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Communication, language and literacy
  • Mathematical concept lead-in
  • Environmental awareness
  • Dexterity enhancement & creative skill development
12.30-2.00pm Lunch

At lunch time children get together in small social groups and are encouraged to serve for themselves under competent staff supervision. Tidying up of dining area afterwards is invariably practised
2.00-4.30pm Structured Activities - Afternoon Session

The children recycle, complement and expand on the morning session activities.
4.30-5.00pm Nursery Round-off

Drink & Snack as required, Story-time and games, Toileting, Children tidy around for the following day.

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