General English for All Age Groups and Levels

The British Institute, the foreign language section of Prince Allen Enterprises, was established in 1985 on the south coast of Attica and has based its long-standing, highly successful Language Educational Services on firm principles of operation which have invariably been follower to the letter.

We strongly believe that a foreign language –in our case English- can and should be taught at a tender age, to pre-school age children. The educational approach for this age group is based on the learn-and-play principle and the gradual familiarization with the working of the foreign language through structured activities and common, everyday routines. This builds up the self-confidence of small children and promotes fluency.

But language acquisition is not a privilege of the young. Older children and adults need general English for reading, writing and communicating in an educational or professional context. The teaching material and methodology should de geared to their needs and both appealing and motivating-if only because they are pressed for time and have other commitments.

At the British Institute, we are well aware of the needs and requirements of each age group and provide the ideal setting, teaching material and human resources to meet these needs in a most effective, time-saving and purpose-oriented manner.



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