Language Services for British Universities

Do you want to study at a British University
You are Concerned about Your English?

We offer intensive short course and private classes to teach how to communicate effectively in the UK-both in and out of university.

Effective communication in an academic environment and meeting the general language requirements at British universities are a major cause for concern for foreign students in Britain.

We provide top-of-the-range language courses that are specially designed to meet the needs of young adults and professional seeking entry to British universities on an undergraduate or postgraduate course.

Our English classes introduce students to the language commonly used inside and outside the classroom at British universities and ensure that they sound confident and fluent. We give students valuable insight into the methodology of academic assignments and show them through structured exercises how to develop forceful, compact arguments in support of the case at hand.

Our classes are small, self-contained and all the work is done at school.

Before you go to the UK: All-in-One Language Pack

Course Structure
Our all-in-one Language Pack will ensure you have the language edge to succeed in your degree.

We run rigorous, academically-oriented courses of study skills and English language practice designed specifically to provide international students with an intensive, direct path to degree study at British universities.

Our approach to Language Support Service is modular in structure. There are core modules in General English and specific subject modules that focus on the academic areas most useful to you chosen degree.

You will be assessed regularly throughout the course. This will ensure that your progress is up to the standard required for progression onto your chosen degree. Your development is monitored though continuous coursework and specific assessments at regular intervals.

Ways to improve your English before you go
to the UK
There are many things you can do to improve your level of English before you leave for the UK. This is a wise thing to do, as once you arrive in the UK, you will be busy with your new life and you will need to use English from the start. If you feel confident in using English and if you can understand other people and make yourself understood, you will find life easier and feel much happier.

Apart from attending language classes, we recommend that you invest some extra time in working on your English skills in the weeks or months before you leave home. There are many different ways of learning and we will help you to make the English-learning experience part of your everyday life. Based on your level of English and intended course of study at university, we shell make specific recommendations on reading books, newspapers and magazines, listening to the radio, watching television, using the Internet and engaging in similar activities. We will tell you in derail about thing you can do and suggest resource you can use.

After you arrive in the UK: Course-oriented Language Support
Taking a university course means that you will need to meet the demands of lectures, seminars and assignments. If English is not your first language, you may find these difficult tasks even more challenging. This is where we step in to help international students and provide English language support for academic study in the UK.

Proofreading and Text Improvement for University Support
As your assignments, presentations, dissertations, PhD theses and research papers represent hart work that has taken a log time to do, don’t let them be undermined by common mistakes, such as bad spelling and presentation, which can easily be overlooked and lose you valuable marks. Also, bad presentation can make all the difference between a low and a high mark.

Our purpose is to help you to achieve a good academic style when writing up your work. To this end, our services include the following:

  • Punctuation check
  • Grammar check
  • Paragraph formatting
  • Chapter formatting
  • Dialogue formatting

    We can improve the quality of your written English. We will edit your manuscript punctuation and grammatical errors, as well as reconstruct badly written sentences. Our aim is to bring your written work to the highest standard possible, use appropriate evaluative language and help you find your own voice in English.

    Academic Writing for Undergraduates
    Critical Reading & Writing for Postgraduates
    Seminar Skills & Presentations
    Speaking & Vocabulary Development

    Study difficulties and blocks  > There are times when you need help to structure your academic work, make your writing more fluid and the arguments more forceful and persuasive
  • We can help with content, improve essay writing, provide guidance on assessment and upgrade examination techniques on a ONE-TO-ONE appointment basis
  • We can assist with the basics of time management and study planning
  • We are available to talk through any emotional or personal difficulties that may arise in the course of your studies



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