The Dreamworks Estate
In style Weddings
Private & Corporate Events

Whatever your event or wedding visions-formal or casual, small or grand- we will bring it to life and make you shine.

Our exquisite setting of extensive landscaped gardens with high-end facilities, the impressive three-storied neo-classical building, beautiful views and open horizons, together with our immaculate catering services to please every palate are a fool-proof recipe of total success.

Our human resource are dedicated to your complete satisfaction, down to the last detail, with novel ideas for a decorative style and a wide choice of scenarios for planning your event from start to finish. Prince Allen Estate is also the ideal setting for taking truly memorable pictures if cinematic quality and videotaping the entire event for memories to last a lifetime.
We take the weight of preparations off your shoulders and let you enjoy with your guests every minute of that big day you were dreaming of-after all, we are the DreamWorks Estate!

This is then our checklist and guide to successful function:

  • Establishing the budget-maximum satisfaction at minimum cost
  • Basic Etiquette for a receiving line-who stands where and why
  • DJ and arrangement for dance music
  • Planning the drinks
  • All about the dancing- the first dance and how to get your guests rolling
  • Photography and/or videography
  • Planning you menu
  • Wedding reception decoration
  • Wedding Cake and the cutting traditions
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