Our Objective

At Prince Allen we have served our purpose well when the success of your function surpasses your expectations and we are intent on impressing your guests with the quality of the preparations and our attention to detail. Our dedicated function coordinator will work with you from the outset, to plan your schedule of events, offer advice on table plans, wine and music and liaise together with you and the executive chef to personally assist with the menu selection.

Prince Allen Estate is an idyllic setting that offers a magnificent backdrop against which to set an exclusive event. It is a family-run venue with its own catering services for private and corporate events. This explains why we take great pride in planning and executing truly memorable, unique scenarios for your function, complete with a comprehensive decorative scheme, stunning photographic / video sessions and tailor-cut music.

In this context, our philosophy in staging events is simple and guarantees success: You and your guests are our guests and we will do everything in our power to please you.

Therefore, it gives us great pleasure when you step forward with requests, deep-seated wishes and life-long dreams-we will make them all come true for you!


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